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6 Characteristics and Expectations of Amazing Leaders

Essential tips for aspiring Finance and Accounting Professionals


Great leaders inspire with a vision 

There is no vision without a good plan and great leaders are always inspirational. But they have a vision and they can articulate that vision at all times to all peoples within the organization and this is key, from top all the way down to the bottom of the organization. Everyone involved - that is inspiration.

Great leaders draw inspiration from others 

It isn't just you and you at the top, it’s everyone within the organization and you’re drawing great inspirations from others and you’re getting them inspired as well. There's this real feeling in the company that there are other great leaders and they can be inspirations.

The ability to display optimism throughout the whole process

Regardless of what happens daily, weekly, quarterly or annually there’s always a sense of optimism from great leaders and this manifests itself into great passion for the company and great passion for what the organization is doing.


This goes both ways. The ability to communicate is the ability to communicate well to different groups and different stakeholders and it’s a different format that you’re going to have to communicate to them. Good communication skills is about listening and hearing what’s going on and listening to good people and that goes back to drawing inspiration from others within your organization. Great leaders communicate well outbound and they know how to communicate at different levels in different formats across the organization. Great leaders also listen and listen really well.

Great leaders surround themselves with others who think differently 

This could include a good advisory board, a good board of directors, a good second and third in command, who can challenge the thought process from a great leader and that great leader can use the other great thinkers to make sure that the mission is correct and stable. So therefore, surround yourself with others that who do not just sit there and say “yes, yes, yes”, but to say “I don’t agree, here’s why!”

Present in uncertain times 

A great leader is front and centre in uncertain times and that’s vitally important. It’s important that all organizations big and small from all types of industries, when it gets tough out there, a great leader says that we are all in this together and isn’t hiding behind a spreadsheet, that needs to be evaluated every second or third day. 


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