Benefits of Partnership



Partners in the boardroom

We truly take the time to really listen and understand your individual needs before trying to match them. 'Culture' and 'Fit' are just as important to us as technical skills.

Customer service focus rather than sales + commission led

No more aggressive sales techniques. Our focus on customer satisfaction and team success ensures that we always have your best interest in mind and provide consultation and advice rather than trying to make a quick sale.

Always connected and always there for you during the business day. Our service is about you. It's about meeting customer needs and adding value

We are always in contact and always available for you. Total transparency throughout our process.

Access to A calibre talent. Finding talent that you may not possibly find on your own. Delivered with exceptional turnaround time

We offer to you a wider pool of candidates. We have access to networks of Finance + Accounting professionals that are NOT on the job boards or Linkedin. Our reach is an inch wide and a mile deep, meaning you get access to 100% of the market. Peace of mind knowing that your departmental needs are met to the highest standard.

Beyond the resume. We understand that the resume only makes up 25% of who the candidate truly is. We uncover the crucial other 75%

Before we throw resumes at you to see if one sticks, our trained recruitment specialists have analyzed the candidates to find out 'Why they are here?' What makes them do what they do, and uncover the motivational/driving forces that will lead to success in your department and finding your 'Perfect Fit'.

Options eliminate risk. Innovative recruitment options for both temporary and permanent placements

Permanent recruitment options:

  • up to 6 & 12-Months replacement guarantee (Retained/Engaged Searches)
  • Silver, Gold & Platinum Service Offerings - Learn More

Interim staffing options:

  • 1-day risk free trial period to test drive our interim employee. No cost to you if you decide to replace with another candidate.


Need a Position Filled Right Away? Chances are WE CAN HELP!!