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The 7 Critical Expectations of Current or Aspiring Finance Leaders


Organizations today have high expectations for their employees - to be innovative, to develop people, and to deliver outstanding results and to act with integrity. To ensure they fully deliver their Finance visions, they also expect their employees to build their finance acumen, cultivate expertise in processes and analytics and be an effective business partner.

To be become an effective Finance Leader, you must demonstrate these characteristics and meet these expectations in order to become a leader that is well respected and trusted. 

1. Leads Innovation

Communicates a compelling vision, develops winning strategies, connects to the outside world, and encourage innovation.

2. Energizes and Develops People

Inspires and motivates, collaborates across boundaries, develops people, organizations and self and values diversity

3. Delivers Outstanding Results

Sets aggressive goals and clear priorities, delivers on short and long-term commitments, makes timely, high quality decisions, and adds value with superior expertise

4. Integrity

Engenders trust at all levels, demonstrates unquestionable integrity

5. Financial Acumen

Demonstrates technical/financial knowledge in a value-added way, understands, practices and propagates proper accounting, policy compliance and reporting

6. Business Process and Analytics

Develops value-added insights, processes, reporting and analysis that drive business results, and is proficient in company systems and softwares

7. Business Partnership

Leads the business team in identifying and pursuing opportunities that maximize shareholder value, influences across boundaries to develop and execute long term strategies and drives sound financial/business decisions.

Article referenced from "Building Finance Leaders - A Career Guide for Finance Leaders" - General Mills Finance

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