The 5 Biggest Mistakes Hiring Managers Make


Imprecise, Inaccurate or Just Plain Boring Job Descriptions

Writing a job description that is too generic, overly verbose, or doesn't precisely and accurately describe the job you are recruiting for often confuses potential candidates and the people tasked with recruiting them. You also need to market both your company and the available job in the most favourable light in the job description. If the description doesn't articulate the job precisely and position your company and the opportunity as fun, challenging, and/or exciting, it won't attract the type of high calibre candidate you seek. 5 biggest mistakes hiring managers make


Fusing Multiple Roles into 1 Job Requirement

Technical knowledge, skills, and corporate accounting expertise is becoming more and more specialized. When you attempt to fuse multiple roles into one requirement, you will find your search for the right candidate to be like looking for the Lock Ness Monster; a long and frustrating search for something that people claim does exist, but no one has ever caught. 5 biggest mistakes hiring managers make


Cumbersome, Uncoordinated or Inconsistent Interview Process

How you handle your interview process provides a candidate with significant insight into how your team will function were the candidate hired. If your interview process appears cumbersome and disorganized, or your interview panel isn't clear on the job description and expectations, it will likely turn-off the high calibre candidates you need to attract. 5 biggest mistakes hiring managers make


Not Making Hiring a High Priority

Often, when a company, department, or project are short-staffed, hiring managers end up having to take on the work they are seeking to hire for. This can cause hiring to unintentionally become a B or C priority. Making sure that you give sufficient attention to the hiring process when there are multiple project demands can create a prioritizing nightmare. Most hiring managers do not purposefully let good candidates fall through the cracks, but it happens frequently when demands are high.


Not Properly Managing the Candidate Experience

How candidates' experience your company while going through the hiring process will attract or repel top talent. Are you creating a candidate experience which is coordinated, well managed and professional or are your candidates experiencing something less than that?