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12 High Impact Recognition Techniques To Motivate Finance Employees


The most powerful type of recognition occurs at the individual level, one-on-one. All managers need to take personal responsibility to see that they recognize their employees, and they need to keep at it on a daily basis. Here are 12 high impact and powerful recognition techniques that you can implement immediately.

1. Take a few moment at the end of the day to reflect on whose performance you've noticed. Write those individuals thank-you notes and leave the notes by their workstations as you leave.

2. Manage by wandering around. Get out of your office to see, meet, and speak with employees about work they are doing. Take different routes in and out of the premises.

3. When you read your mail, look for positive items to share with others or at all-department meetings.

4. Greet individual employees by name and with eye contact. Take a few minutes to see how they are doing. Be sincere.

5. Make an effort to meet with employees you don't see or speak with very often. Take a break together, have coffee or an off-site lunch.

6. Act on good news. Catch people doing something right and thank them for it.

7. Take time to listen when employees need to talk. Be responsive to people, not just to problems.

8. Take time at the beginning or end of meetings to share positive news and/or ask if there are any praisings from one team member to another.

9. Remember the 4:1 rule. Every time you criticize or correct someone, plan to praise or thank that same person at least four times.

10. Think of mistakes as opportunities for learning. Help employees learn from their mistakes; don't criticize employees for making mistakes - especially not in front of others.

11. Be quick to thank and compliment others and slow to criticize and judge them.

12. Spread positive gossip. Tell others what you are pleased about and who is responsible. 


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