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7 Important Lessons in Motivating Accounting and Finance Employees


1. YOU GET WHAT YOU REWARD. Be sure you have clearly defined what you want to get, then use rewards and recognition to move toward those goals.

2. WHAT MOTIVATES PEOPLE, IS DIFFERENT FOR ALL. What is motivating to individuals varies from person to person. To be on target, ask employees what they want.

3. THE MOST MOTIVATING REWARDS TAKE LITTLE OR NO MONEY. Try a sincere thank you, providing information, involvement in decision making - especially as it affects your employees.

4. EVERYONE WANTS TO BE APPRECIATED. Competent people, quiet people, even managers want to know that what they are doing is important and meaningful.

5. ALL BEHAVIOUR IS CONTROLLED BY ITS CONSEQUENCES. Positive consequences will most quickly lead to desired behaviour and enhanced performance.

6. MANAGEMENT IS WHAT YOU DO WITH PEOPLE, NOT TO THEM. Tell employees what you want to do and why. By involving them, you'll more easily gain their commitment and support.

7. COMMON SENSE IS OFTEN NOT COMMON PLACE. It's not what you believe or say - it's what you do. Practice recognizing people and their achievement on a daily basis.


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