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Top 10 Ways Finance Professionals Can Take Initiative at Work


In today's fast-moving, constantly changing business environment, the need for employees to take initiative and do what needs to be done without waiting to be told is greater than ever. In addition to helping your organization save money, improve processes, or delight customers, taking initiative makes your job more exciting - you are table to make things happen and get a reputation for doing so. Here, then, are 10 top ways you can take initiative and make a difference at work.

1. Think How Things Could be Improved

It's the person who does a job that knows best how it can be done better. Ask questions such as "Why do we do it this way?"

2. Think Like A Customer

Look at the business from your end users perspective, asking what would make it easier to do business with your company. 

3. Track Your Own Performance

Track activity in your own job to build a case for possible improvements.

4. Take Action On Your Ideas

Having ideas is good, but don't just plop them on the table and expect others to run with them. Be an advocate for your ideas. 

5. Do Your Homework

Think your ideas through. Decide what steps need to be taken, what the costs and benefits are, and collect supporting data. 

6. Build Consensus

Start with those who will most likely be interested in your idea to get them involved in supporting it. 

7. Speak Up At Meetings

We've all been in meetings that have gotten sidetracked or bogged down. Be the person who speaks up to say, "It may just be me, but have we been over this ground before? Perhaps we should summarize the choices and take a vote for how we want to proceed."

8. Volunteer For New Assignments

Whether it is a pressing problem, a special task force, or someone else in the department that needs help, be the person to step forward to help out. 

9. Manage Your Manager

Try to understand your manager's priorities and fit your ideas into those. Tell your manager what you need in order to do the best job for him or her. 

10. Stick With Your Ideas; Persevere

It's very infrequent that ideas are met with open arms. Stay the course with the ideas you most believe in that will help the business. 

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