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The Finance Leaders Role in Nurturing and Preparing Finance Talent


As leaders you've worked so hard to find and attract the best to your department; now you must continually challenge and nurture that talent so that they continue to prosper and grow as individuals. High performers crave challenges and high goals to feel stimulated. Follow these simple steps and gain the edge in retaining your top talent

1. Create a customized competency model:

Model and clearly identify the competencies, capabilities and proficiencies needed to progress. Finance needs to truly own this for their respected departments and not solely rely on HR to create these benchmarks. Once this is in place, you have the roadmap to chart career paths and progression, training and development in a measurable way.

2. Learn to better understand yourself and your team members:

Hard skills and financial wizardry will only get you so far. Finance soft skill development is such a crucial component in the development and growth of an accountant from junior to leader; you must learn to present and defend your ideas with those who may see things differently from you. It is important that Finance Leaders understand the general thinking styles and triggers of their team so that effective communication and collaboration takes place.

3. Step out of your comfort zone:

Leaders who embrace new work environments, job rotations, work travel, do overseas assignments and enter high performer training programs will have a distinct advantage and can bring back valuable experiences and viewpoints that will greatly benefit their teams abilities to work together and function maximally. In much the same way, embrace this idea with your current team of top finance rockstars and allow them the opportunity to step outside of their limits and embrace new challenges and experiences so that they too can growth.


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