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When Should You Hold Out for a Better Accounting Hire?


With increasing pressure to fill open positions, you may be tempted to hire just anyone for your company. Learn how and why to be choosy when hiring new employees so you save time and money down the road.

Pass If Lacking Job Skills

Hiring the wrong worker costs way more time and money down the road. The worker may have a low quality of work, be unable to perform well with others or follow directions, show a poor attitude and attendance level, fail to meet deadlines, and receive complaints from customers. Low morale, legal issues, and reduced productivity will spread among co-workers, resulting in lost productivity and a decreased bottom line. The time and cost to locate, hire, and train a replacement may be greater than that of waiting to hire a better candidate.

Potentially Hire If Lacking Experience

Whether a job candidate has the right experience is less important than whether they have the ability to learn new skills. It’s important you evaluate whether a candidate possesses motivation, curiosity, insight, engagement, and determination rather than simply the right credentials, experience, and competencies. Look for adaptability in new environments and ways the candidate provides value and support to others while aligning with your company’s values and objectives. Find a candidate with passion, intelligence, and high ambition in becoming better at everything they do. Although it’s easier measuring past performance, evaluating potential is what matters going forward.

Hire If Blending with Company Culture

Employees who fit well with company culture express greater job satisfaction, perform better, and are more likely to remain with your organization longer. Emphasize qualitative traits you want in a job candidate. For example, you may be looking for a worker with a set number of years of experience who’s also innovative, entrepreneurial, or customer-centric. When interviewing, ask probing questions about how applicants deal with uncertainty, solve problems, and approach challenges. Determine how candidates’ answers align with your company’s culture and business goals before making a hiring decision.

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