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4 Ways Accounting and Finance Professionals Can Avoid Career Burnout


Burnout occurs over a long period of time. You may start to believe your work is meaningless or feel disconnect between what you do and what you want to be doing. Utilize these tips to avoid burnout in your accounting career.

1. Prioritize Projects

Analyze your workload to determine what’s most important at the moment and what tasks can wait to be completed. If you’re able to delegate non-essential tasks, then do so. If you feel your supervisor is assigning more work than you can handle, schedule a time to discuss your concerns. Come prepared with options your manager may consider for shifting specific tasks to your colleague. Perhaps you can gain more control over your projects or deadlines. Also, learn to effectively manage your time through to-do lists or daily action plans in line with your weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.

2. Focus on the Present

Block off time for focusing on one task or project at a time. Don’t let office or internet distractions interrupt your productivity. Take regularly scheduled physical and mental breaks. You’ll increase your concentration level and feel more motivated to finish your tasks.

3. Destress

Ensure you eat healthy foods daily, drink enough water, get plenty of exercise, and sleep long enough every night. Take a vacation when possible or a leave of absence if necessary. Reassess your personal goals and see whether your work still aligns with your values. Determine what gives you meaning in your work and whether any elements are missing from your life. See whether you can craft your job to better fit what you need or how you view your role within the company. Put away your phone, close your laptop, and unplug completely.

4. Explore New Career Opportunity

Perhaps you need to change something about your career. Find something that interests you, such as a hobby, and pursue it in your down time. You may desire a lateral move within the organization you work for to regain interest and learn new skills. If you want to start over with a new company, go for it. You may have been in the same position long enough and outgrown it, or you may not have room for advancement. Plan an exit strategy and find a job that fits your needs. This could be the change you need to reenergize your professional life.

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