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Want to Find Out Who an Accounting Job Candidate REALLY Is? Use These Questions


The more productive an interview is, the easier it is for the potential employer to figure out if a candidate will be effective on the job. If an interviewer can learn key factors about candidates like character, skills, and experience, they can be much more confident about their ultimate selection.

Character is a particularly important factor to consider, as it can suggest how well a candidate will incorporate into the team and use their talents effectively. If you want to make your future hiring decisions much easier, use these interview questions to reveal crucial details about each candidate’s character.

What personal achievement are you most proud of?

This question paves the way more philosophical type of conversation, where an interviewer can establish if the candidate’s strengths and pride match up with the business’s needs and core mission.

In addition, more probing questions can easily follow: How did this achievement affect you going forward? Was anyone else involved?

Who are your biggest influences in pursuing this career path?

Almost everyone has influences, from mentors to celebrities or family members. Finding out about your candidates’ will reveal a great deal about their professional and personal life.

Candidates who hesitate or are fickle in their response probably aren’t as passionate about their current career path as those who can tick off a list of names. Those who say they applied to your company because a friend or family member suggested it probably won’t be as motivated as those who came to your company out of their own internal drive and passion.

How much direction do you need to succeed in this role?

This question can evaluate how well the applicant will fit into your current company culture. If your organization is a place where employees have a lot of freedom and autonomy, people who continuously need feedback and acknowledgment may find it stressful and disorienting. On the other hand, those who want to work on their own may find a highly structured environment stressful.

There is no ‘right’ answer to this question, but a good, honest answer will indicate if this is a proper fit for the business and the applicant.

Can you describe the ideal training program for yourself?

Different learning tactics are effective for different employees; those responsible for hiring should learn what each applicant needs to succeed in the short term to establish if the business can support this person’s professional growth correctly.

Many of us need a great deal of practice to be able to feel confident in doing a new job. Others need to take resources home and get familiar with their new responsibilities. It’s essential to be capable of supporting all learning types and to be ready to implement any given style.

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