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Tell-Tale Signs Your Best Accounting Employee Has One Foot Out The Door


Losing your best employee can shake even the most stable of organizations. This is especially the case if it comes out of nowhere. Don’t be blindsided by this massive loss and watch for these four signs that your best employee is losing interest. Knowing that an employee is unsatisfied may not keep them from leaving, but it can help you handle the news professionally and prepare to replace their large and important workload.

They Begin to Miss Deadlines

Your best employee is almost always Mr. or Mrs. Reliable. You can always count on them to get their work in on-time, if not a day early. Only, now you start to notice that they have been more lenient with their deadlines. This lax attitude could be the start of your best employee disengaging from their job.

They Become Less Involved

Any great employee should be invested in the success of their company. This means being engaged during company meetings, and asking questions. If you notice that your best employee is suddenly silent during team meetings or not interested in helping others learn and grow, there’s a good chance that their time with your company may be at an end.

They Start Acting Irregularly

Great employees who have been with a company for a long time are usually very consistent. They have a routine that has made them and your organization very successful. If one of your best employees starts to display irregular behaviours – showing up late, complaining about their work or co-workers, leaving early or taking excessive amounts of vacation or sick days – don’t just chalk it up to coincidence. Talk to this vital employee and make sure they aren’t looking at other options.

Their Performance Starts to Plateau

You’ve been very excited about a rising star within your company. You’ve watched them work their way up through the ranks, and the whole way they have always exceeded your expectations. Then, their work starts to blend in with the rest of their peers – even though you know they can do much better. This is a clear sign that they are losing their drive to work in their position, or for your company any longer.

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