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Essential Traits to Showcase as an Accounting and Finance Pro


As a job applicant in the accounting and finance arena, you’ll need to position yourself as a qualified candidate. But as it happens, “qualified” candidates only get so far. Once you’ve accomplished that task, you’ll have to take the next step and frame yourself as a candidate who can actually stand apart and contribute more than any other candidate in the applicant pool.

If the job post lists ten must-have requirements, you’ll need to showcase these. For example, make it clear that you hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting from an accredited university. But this won’t help you stand out, since every other candidate will hold the same credential. In addition to the minimum, you’ll have to highlight attention-grabbing skills and qualifications like the ones listed here.

Ease with technology.

You’ll need to be familiar with the latest apps and platforms/software's for accounting professionals, and you’ll need to describe the tech tools you’ve used to handle employer and client needs in the past. But you’ll also need to show that you’re ready for any future platforms and innovations that haven’t appeared on the market yet. “Tech-savvy” is an abstract term that means different things to different employers. But whatever it means, you have it. So make this clear.

Customer focus.

If you know how to interact with clients, customers, vendors, and total strangers from all walks of life, and you can clearly communicate complex information to non-industry pros, your employers will want to know this.

Ambition and curiosity.

Accounting is a growing and changing field with plenty of opportunity for advancement into management levels. But not all accounting pros are interested in climbing the ladder. Show you have a passion for lifelong learning, for seizing leadership opportunities, and for expanding your personal sphere of responsibility.

Deeply rooted integrity.

Of course you’re honest and committed to the oath you took when you entered this profession. But again, this won’t set you apart in a crowd. At your level—which is higher than most—honesty means a willingness to go the extra mile and turn over every possible stone to make sure your clients are financially and legally protected from harm or oversight.

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