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How Finance Managers/Leaders Can Get Better at Delegating Without Micromanaging


Micromanaging may seem like a positive thing from a managerial perspective, but it can actually be seriously detrimental to your team and company. Shift away from this nasty habit and work on trusting your team and creating processes that truly work.

Trust the process

Processes and employees are in place for a reason. When you overstep as a manager and crowd your team as they work towards completing a project, you disrespect the point of having the employees and processes that are in place.

Save yourself and your team time by allowing them to do the job that they were hired to do in a manner in which they are comfortable. Only step in when it is absolutely necessary. This trust will not only empower and motivate your team, but it allows your team to learn from their mistakes and have the creative space to generate their own processes that play towards their strengths. You may find that these new processes are even better!

Lean on employees’ strengths

If you’ve hired a great new accountant with lots of experience to balance your books, don’t undermine their expertise by telling them how to do their job. By doing this you not only waste your time, but you also waste your highly talented accountant’s time.

Set forth clear expectations and then follow up on those expectations. If an employee has a question or needs help, then it is okay to step in and manage a situation. Otherwise, continue to trust the process and your employees.

Be humble

Part of being a great manager is leaning on your team’s strengths and simply allowing them to do their jobs. You’ve hired these “experts” for a reason. Don’t be afraid to let your employees outshine you in their areas, that’s what makes a great leader. Your job is to take all of the puzzle pieces and put them in the right places to create the big picture. In order to do this you will have to guide more and do less. Having humility and the ability to delegate without micromanaging is the ultimate goal for any business leader.

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