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#1 - Mike McAlary - CPA, CA: VP Finance & CFO

Mike really is consummate professional who's got a true passion for improving the quality and timeliness of operational and financial reporting to increase profitability of the companies he stewards and serves. Those who know Mike, describe him as a results oriented, dedicated, and hands on professional who always leads and motivates by example.

Mike's experience and knowledge is vast and includes:

  • Financial Planning & Analysis | Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Banking Relationships | Managing External Audits |
  • Cash Flow Management | Acquisition & Mergers |
  • Debt covenant reporting, and negotiation | Risk Management, Business Insurance |

Mike's LinkedIn Profile


"When Ardy first sent me an email request to be a part of a Podcast on Senior Financial Leadership I was skeptical on the purpose, and as is often my nature I thought what is in it for me? I called Ardy and asked him to explain the purpose and approach in further detail. After hearing that he wanted to publish some personal accounts of what Senior Financial Leadership is about, how you get there, what you did to get there, and where you think it is going…. From the perspective of an actual Senior Financial Leader. I was intrigued. Ardy suggested that the podcast could act as Mentorship or Reference material for someone looking to be a Senior Finance Leader. I thought that this was a valid use of my time. The questions were provided in advance and the interview and the recording went flawlessly.  After hearing my podcast I thought that this was a positive experience and I hope that my personal experiences as shared through the podcast are helpful to an individual wishing to become a Senior Financial Leader."

Mike McAlary CPA, CA