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Leadership Characteristics of the Worlds Best Finance Professionals


Judgment/Decision Making

Consistent logic, rationality & objectivity in decision making. Neither indecisive nor hip-shooter.


Generates new approaches to problems or innovations to established best practices. Shows imagination.


Generates sensible, realistic, practical solutions to problems.


Passionately finds ways over, around, or through barriers to success. Achieves results despite lack of resources. Goes beyond the call of duty. Shows bias for action. A results-oriented “doer.”


Not rigid. Copes effectively with complexity and change.

Customer Focus

Monitors client satisfaction (internal or external). Establishes partner relationship with clients. Visible and accessible to clients.


Actively and successfully trains people. Coaches and develops for promotion into positions where they succeed. People builder.

Performance Management

Fosters high level of accountability through fair hard-hitting performance management system. Free with deserved praise and recognition. Constructive in criticism. Provides frequent feedback.

Conflict Management

Understands natural forces of conflict acts to prevent or soften them. Effectively works through conflicts to optimize outcome. Does not suppress, ignore or deny conflict.


Consistent regard of passionately striving to achieve results. Conveys strong need to win. Reputation for not giving up.


Persuasive in change efforts, selling a vision. Convincing.

Leading Edge

Constantly benchmarks best practices and expects others to do same.

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