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Preparing Your Team for Temporary/Contract Accounting Employees


You’re about to welcome a wave of temporary employees who will be trained to handle a short-term project or a backlog of work. Or in a different scenario, you’ll be taking on a temporary employee (or two or three) who will handle the responsibilities of an unoccupied position while you conduct an extended staffing search for a full-time expert.

In either case, your temporary employees will need to be properly introduced to their co-workers. And ideally, your existing teams will be able to provide the support and guidance your temps need without losing stride on their own projects. Here are a few simple moves that can make this happen.

Give ample and accurate warning.

Let your current employees know exactly when the new temps will be appearing in the workplace and how long they’ll be staying. Let them know where the new workstations will be located, and what the new employees will need in terms of space and resources. Provide written reminders a day or two before the date arrives.

Give clear instructions.

Each current employee should know exactly what will be expected of him or her regarding the new employee. Specific tasks should be assigned to specific people; for example, someone will need to welcome the new temp on her first day and show her around the workplace. Someone will also need to provide basic training and let her know where to find tools, supplies, and answers to any questions she may have.

Generate positive excitement.

Take steps to make your new staff member feel like her presence is welcome and her contributions are valued. Provide her team members with some interesting information about her background before the date of her arrival and help them to establish a personal connection. Encourage them to engage with her instead of walking past her quietly during each day of her tenure.

Ask for their input.

If your current team members will need anything from the temporary employee, encourage them to make this known before her arrival so their requirements can be worked into her training program and daily schedule. Head off frustration or confusion before it begins by making sure the employee’s roles and responsibilities are clear to everyone involved.

For more on how to welcome your temporary staff and seamlessly introduce them to the workplace, contact the staffing and recruitment experts at Halcyon Finance & Accounting Recruitment.

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