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Getting the Most Out of a Reserved Accounting Candidate


People who are reserved often make for some of the best employees. Reserved candidates are generally more introspective, better listeners and highly observant. All of these qualities are especially important in the light industrial industry as quality control and employee safety are at the forefront of successful warehouse management.

So how do you get the most out of reserved candidates? The key to interviewing reserved candidates is to be understanding of their quiet nature while encouraging them to share their professional story with you. That starts by relieving some of the pressure from the situation.

Turn down the intensity

Interviews can be very stressful and anxiety filled for even the most extroverted of candidates, so for those that are naturally more socially anxious, they can be quite challenging. However, just because a candidate isn’t a great interviewer does not mean they can’t be a great employee and even leader within your company.

If a candidate is reserved during an interview, try to lighten the mood by taking down your intensity, cracking a smile or even a joke. Once the candidate’s guards are down, they will be much more likely to reveal important aspects of their experiences and personality during your interview.

Make a connection early on

Regardless of who you are interviewing, connecting with a candidate early on can motivate them to loosen up and show you the traits and skills that don’t show up on a resume. Find some common ground with your interviewee by expressing what excites you about them as a candidate, compliment their attire or ask them what they are binging on Netflix. This seemingly small action can set the tone from the beginning that you are here for them just as much as they are here for you. This mutuality allows reserved candidates to more freely open up and provide a more productive interview.

Carry the conversation

If you are interviewing a reserved candidate, you will likely have to do more of the heavy lifting to keep the conversation moving and productive. Those who are more socially anxious may get stuck trying to find the right words from time to time. You can help move the interview along by completing the candidate’s sentences or thoughts when this happens.

Follow up on short answers

A reserved candidate may not provide the most complete responses to your questions. All you have to do to ascertain a candidate’s abilities and personality is drive the conversation forward with follow-up questions when a candidate gives short responses.

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