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Finance Leaders.... Want To Be A Super Boss? Here’s How


If you are a people manager, you probably want to be the best possible boss for your employees in order to get the most out of your team. However, do you know how you can be the best possible boss for your employees

Want to be a super boss? Here are 5 tips to get you started and to become that super boss for your team!

Be transparent

This is an important one. A lack of transparency and communication of your boss can be one of the most frustrating feelings as a team member. If you always need to wonder what is going on, if what is being told is the whole story, if there is a hidden agenda that should be taken into account, your team might be losing a lot of energy and good spirit worrying about these things.  As a boss, the best you can do is to be transparent with your employees so that everybody really knows what is going on and doesn't have to worry about hidden agendas. A super boss is honest, transparent and open.

Be flexible

Many studies have shown that flexibility to manage one's work-life balance is considered ever more important to employees. The new generation in the workforce even indicates that this is more important than monetary reward. Offering your team to organize their working hours and working location with some flexibility is highly appreciated. By doing this, you provide your personnel with the opportunity to partly organize work around their life instead of the other way around, resulting in happier and therefore usually more productive employees. A super boss provides employees with the flexibility they need to be able to do a good job, both in the office and at home.

Be an example

Ever heard of the phrase “leading by example”? To be a super boss, lead by example! There is nothing as powerful as instead of requesting your employees to work in certain ways, to show them the way and do it yourself. You can ask your employees to pay attention to the smallest details in their presentations, but if you don't do that yourself as well, how credible is that request? If you want your team to pay attention to the smallest details, you should be the one that pays the most attention to detail.

Be a people developer

A super boss wants super employees. Employees that keep developing themselves, as humans and as professionals. To get the best out of your employees, you need to give them the chance to keep developing. Dedicate time to understanding what skills and competencies your employees want to develop, where they see themselves in 5 years, and what they want in their career. By doing this, you can help them finding the right developmental activities and give them opportunities to work on the areas they want to develop in. A super boss develops the people in the team.

Be interested

Apart from being a good boss to everything work-related, show a true interest in your team members. Demonstrate concern for the personal life, their family, their hobbies, their holiday plans etc. By knowing what is going on in your employees´ life you will not only develop a closer relationship with your team, but you will also able to better manage them because you know what they need and any personal circumstances that might influence their ability to do a good job. A super boss is interested in their employees as persons and not just as personnel.

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