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#2 Vijay Jog - MBA, Ph.D - "Becoming the Value Added CFO" - Moving beyond finance!

Vijay is the Chancellor’s Professor at the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University and the Founder - President of Corporate Renaissance Group (CRG), a firm dedicated to driving better business management and performance.

Vijay has had a very interesting career. He got his first degrees in chemical engineering followed by MBA from McGill University, a short but interesting career in large scale market research in utilities and consumer sector followed by a Ph.D. in finance from McGill University.

Vijay then joined the Federal Department of Finance on Executive Interchange for two and half years as a Special advisor in the newly established Corporate finance Division before joining academia. Since the mid -1980s Vijay has been active as an academic, a consultant and as an entrepreneur.

As an academic, Vijay received one of the fastest promotions to Full Professor rank and was recently named as a Chancellor Professor. He has written Five Books/Monographs including a first ever university level finance textbook translated In Polish; & over 80 Articles in academic and professional Journals.

He has received numerous awards for his research and teaching including: three Best Paper Awards for 'the Most Original Research in Canadian Capital Markets'; two Research Achievement Awards in special recognition of "Outstanding Scholarly Contribution"; two “Professor of the Year” Awards "In Recognition of Outstanding Teaching and Service to Students"; four best paper awards and the Moulton Gold Medal for the Most Notable Contribution to the Published Records of Institution of Chemical Engineers, London, England. His consulting career is global and spans over twenty-five years. His clients include many private sector companies in Canada, U.S., U.K., Netherlands, South Africa, Namibia, Barbados, Trinidad, Poland, Ukraine, German, Austria, and India including some of the world’s largest corporations.

In 2001 Vijay was recognized as a “Leader in Management Education” in Canada by National Post in a Canada wide competition and was described as “Mr. Value Added” by Ottawa citizen. He was also recognized as an “exceptional community leader” by Indo-Canada Ottawa Business Chamber (ICOBC).

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Podcasts are never easy. They have a time limit within which you want to convey the message in a very informal but in a systematic manner.

My session with Ardy was very easy. It was well organized, Ardy and I had discussions about the topic itself, expectations from me and from the potential listeners about the topic. Since the topic was something I have a passion for, it did not require any extensive preparation. We were done in twenty minutes. For those of you who want to give back to the community the knowledge you have gained from your experience, this is an excellent forum.

Vijay Jog, MBA, Ph.D