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Building Strong and Motivated Finance Teams


Creating Trust

  • Be authentic. Be honest about weaknesses.
  • Communicate feelings as well as ideas.
  • ‘Walk the talk’.
  • Keep your word and support others in doing so.
  • Demonstrate commitment.
  • Show your values and moral purpose.

Handling Conflict effectively

  • Examine your own attitudes towards conflict and if you are not confident about dealing with it learn the skills to address it positively.
  • Establish team rules for handling conflict successfully.
  • Agree with your team how members will behave when conflict breaks out.

Addressing lack of Commitment

  • Review commitments at the end of each meeting and ensure all team members are aligned.
  • Make it clear to team members that it is ok to disagree but after a certain point the team still expects commitment to action. Are you on the bus?

Supporting Team Members in being accountable

  • Explicitly communicate about goals and standards of behaviour.
  • Regularly discuss performance versus goals and standards.
  • Uphold the standards the team has set.

Focussing on Results

  • Keep the team focussed on tangible group goals.
  • Reward individuals based on team goals and collective success.
  • Publicly recognise contributions.

The new demands on Finance Teams

It is no longer enough to ‘know the numbers’. There is a need for:

  • Commerciality and forward thinking.
  • Strategic planning for growth.
  • Excellent communication skills.

Leadership - The personal challenges

  • To understand self and others.
  • Employ smart people who compensate for your weaknesses.
  • To develop effective political skills.
  • To make quick decisions with insufficient information.

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