In order to choose the best job recruitment agency to work with, you the client, must ensure that a stringent and thorough process is followed by the job recruitment agency, to bring about the highest level of results and for you to find your A+ players.

We know as a client you have many options when it comes to selecting the right job recruitment agency for your hiring and departmental needs. Besides our in-depth features and benefits chart that highlights why we think we can provide an exceptional service to you at a fair and affordable price, our breakdown below spells out clearly our process in the selection of your next A+ player. This will hopefully shine some light on what you should expect on your next job search by the recruitment consultancy you select. We want to partner with you, please contact us today.

We will:

  1. Find the best players in the market quickly + efficiently.
  2. Take an in-depth needs analysis profile of your opening.
  3. Understand the ideal fit for your position + culture.
  4. Identify skill-sets, attributes + accountabilities of the candidates we present to you.
  5. Identify the competitive organizations that would have this type of talent.
  6. Define what an "A Player" truly is for your organization.
  7. Help develop a win-win hiring process based upon the current market environment.
  8. Work with you to develop a strong Employer Value Proposition (defining why "A+" players should work with you as opposed to your competitors).
  9. Create a search plan for your position.
  10. Put together a team consisting of a Researcher, Project Recruiter and Recruitment Consultant. 
  11. Create a Target Account List of your competitors or companies where the talent you require will reside.
  12. Develop a Recruiting Presentation that establishes an accurate identity and Value Proposition for your company.
  13. Execute the plan, making up to 100 target approaches per day to find your superstar. 
  14. Interview each candidate multiple times before presenting them to you.
  15. Provide results of not only technical testing but also the candidates "problem solving" ability, + "personality" and "social judgement" assessments. When we recommend someone, we ensure they tick all of the boxes.
  16. Conduct one of the most in-depth referencing processes in the industry.

Additional services:

  1. Completely qualify candidates' compensation, skills, accomplishments, etc before presenting them to you.
  2. Brief you on candidates before each interview.
  3. Debrief with you after each interview.
  4. Address any issues that arise throughout the process that could create a roadblock.
  5. Before the final interview, we will establish with the candidate a compensation that they are willing to allow US to accept on their behalf.
  6. Address counter offers with the candidate.
  7. Contact the candidate and you on the candidate's first day, first two weeks after their start date, and 30 days after the start date to address any concerns.
  8. IF there is an issue, we will work to resolve the issue together.

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