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Best Practices for Attracting and Retaining the Best Finance & Accounting Talent


 As an employer, you should not be willing to settle for lacklustre or mediocre talent. You want the best talent performing at a high level in all areas of your of your finance departmnet. The fact is that the job market is currently robust, and finding and retaining talent is a priority for most companies today. Top talent will always be in demand, so it’s in your best interest to treat hiring as a year-round critical business process. Here are the three sequentially progressive steps of talent acquisition:

 1. Planning Process

  • Develop a strategy
  • Conduct discovery and research
  • Outline the hiring process
  • Identify the stakeholders
  • Create a written recruitment plan 

2. Recruiting Process

  • Identify the profile of the talent you want to source
  • Engage talent using email, telephone, or mail
  • Screen/interview talent
  • Create a short list of qualified candidates 

3. Selection Process

  • Involve multiple stakeholders in interviewing and selling the short list of qualified candidates on your opportunity
  • Perform pre-employment checks (work references, background, education, criminal, etc.)
  • Negotiate the offer
  • Schedule and begin onboarding

If you're a hiring manager overwhelmed with the hiring process or just don't have the time to conduct a thorough search, Halcyon Finance & Accounting can carry out every step as outlined above. Feel free to review our hiring process and contact us to discuss in greater detail.


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