The Power of Stay Interviews

Supervisors and managers play an important role in attracting and retaining talented employees. Because you spend time and effort to recruit and onboard new employees, you should protect your investment by keeping them engaged and on the job. By conducting periodic “stay interviews,” you can find out more about your employees, their work style, their expectations and what motivates them.



Overview - 4:20  |  Why are stay interviews so important - 13:40  |  Real world examples - 20:49  |  Questions & Answers - 47:05

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How Do I Conduct a Stay Interview?


You should conduct stay interviews to strengthen your bond with your best people and discover what will keep them at your company. When you schedule interviews, tell your employees how essential they are to you and your team and how important it is to you that they stay. Ask questions to find out what will keep them here—and listen carefully to their responses. 

Here are some suggestions to get started.

For New Employees

  1. Get to know your new employees as individuals.
  2. Ask questions about what is important to them and why they accepted the positions. Find out what motivates them and what will keep them here.
  3. Ask them to tell you about their expertise and what they most enjoy doing. Ask them about their work styles and how they like to achieve results.
  4. Ask them what they need to learn to be effective in their new positions.
  5. Show respect for their previous experiences and encourage them to provide insight and suggestions from their fresh perspectives. 

For Ongoing Employees

Conduct a stay interview to assess what’s working and what’s not. Your goal is to engage and retain your top talent by building better relationships and making them feel valued and heard. Here are some questions to ask:

· What keeps you here?

· What contributes the most to your job satisfaction?

· What might entice you to leave [your company]?

· What do you like best about your work?

· Is there anything you’d like to change about your job?

· Are there things you would like to change about your team or department?

· What would make your job more satisfying and rewarding?

· Do you feel challenged in your work?

· Are you getting enough feedback?

· What skills and talents would you like to contribute every day?

· Would you like a new role? Is there something that you would like to start doing—or stop doing?

· What keeps you motivated?

· Do you feel we recognize you? What kind of recognition would be meaningful to you?

· What style of communication and leadership do you respond to best? 

· What kind of coaching and guidance would you like from me?

· Is there something new that you would like to learn this year?

· How are we helping you learn and further develop your skills?

· What are your current job and career goals? What can I do to support your goals?

· As your manager, what can I do to help you be more successful and happier at [your company]?  

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